About me

Hi, I'm Chris Ambrose,

I can help you work through the challenges that you are facing in your life, whether it be personal or professional problems, based on my professional training in NLP, EFT and PSC.

I am able to get you to the root causes of the problems you are facing and help you to understand how your limiting patterns of behaviour prevent you from realising your true potential and living the life you know deep inside you should be living.

Working through change in this way is often very difficult but that is where the most growth happens and it is through this coaching process that enables you to overcome the fears and doubts that are stopping you from moving forward and resolve the problems you are now facing.

What my clients say...

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Chris helped me explore issues that I'd identified were holding me back in both my work and personal life. He coached me through them very patiently and was hugely encouraging and positive throughout. By the end of our sessions, I felt in a much better place to move forward and more confident to deal with future challenges...

Jennie Cashman Wilson Founder & CEO Abram Wilson Foundation
Life Coaching

How do I help?

By applying the three areas below, I'll have a better UNDERSTANDING on how to address your needs, enabling me to help SUPPORT your development, focusing on what REALLY matters to you.

Realising what's needed for growth. What needs to change for you to reach your true potential?


Understanding your impact on others and others' impact on you. How does your environment affect your relationships with others?


Working towards purpose & self realisation. Who are you, what are your aspirations and what makes your heart sing?

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